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The Philippines
Our trip May 22-June 2004





Our next destination, Dulce's hometown, about 6 hours north of Manila. Because it is in the mountains, Baguio is about 20 degrees cooler than Manila and Bicol, making it the "Summer Capital of the Philippines".

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Session Road

Baguio, with a population of 250,000, is quite the bustling city.


Celia & Melodee

Dulce was reunited with her childhood friends from Baguio. They took really good care of us and made sure we missed nothing in this city.


Teachers Camp

We had a cabin in a former US Goverment R&R camp; the Philippines were a US territory from 1898-1946.


Burnham Park

Baguio was designed and laid out by US architect Daniel Burnham. He had the city built around a pond where you can rent rowboats.


Camp John Hay

Baguio served as the US Military's Rest-and-Recreation facility during the territorial days. You can see why another Baguio nickname is the "City of Pines".


Mines View Park

The lookout had terrific views of the surrounding Cordillera mountain range.


Philippine Military Academy

A major college town, there are over 20 colleges in Baguio. One of the most interesting is the PMA, the West Point of the Philippines


Baguio Cathedral

A survivor of the big 1990 earthquake, it's certainly an eye-catching sight on the Baguio skyline.


Dinner time!

One evening, we had Dulce's friends over at our cabin for a potluck. Our way of saying thanks for taking us around Baguio. Of course, they ended up bringing all the food, including lechon pork, grilled fish, torta fried eggplants, and fresh green mangoes.

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